A Life Lesson a Day Keeps Your Dreams From Running Away.

While developing through life, we all go through many rituals; some are natural, like puberty, or religious, like bah mitzvah, or even social…like prom.

I always said I’d never go. Ever. In fact, I was adamant that I would do anything but go to prom.

However, I have decided to, especially considering how many people I know didn’t go and regret it terribly. So today, I went out to go and get my dress. Bear in mind, I had already picked it and knew it was what I wanted. But first I had to track it down in my size. After getting nowhere, my mom eventually took over. She managed to get someone on the phone who was actually helpful. They had the dress either five sizes too big or a size smaller than what I was looking for.

Regardless, I went to try the smaller one, though the one I expected to fit was available in South Carolina.

The point is, I had been ready to give up on the dress I’d been drooling over for a good three/four months. As we got ready to go to the mall to try the dress, my mom said to me, very seriously, “This is a life lesson and I need you to listen to what I’m about to say. When nothing seems to be working, and you really want something, you’ve got to be willing to say, ‘No, this is what I want.’ You have to be willing to fight for what you want; to look for it and get it. Don’t let anyone try and stop you or make you want to give up on what you want.” I believe that the life lesson my mother described was, in fact, very present in the situation.

And do you know what? The size smaller fit me perfectly, as though it had been tailor-made for my body.

I thought I had already learnt what I needed to know–“No one will read your mind. If you want something, ask for it. The worst a person can say is ‘no.'” But I had been ready to get a completely different dress; to give up.

Not my mom though. She knew that she could find it. She had gumption.

You may think this post is silly. “It’s just a stupid dress,” you think, shaking your head. But this thought, this situation, can be applied to almost anything in life. Giving up is easy, fighting for what you want is hard. I always think that it’s best to choose your battles; but when it comes to what you want in life, how many battles do we forgo that actually get in the way of us ever reaching the ultimate goal? How many battles make up the war?

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