Back From The Road: Part 1–“I Don’t Wanna Be”

Last Sunday, I embarked on a road trip with my grandparents and family friend, which proved to be quite interesting.

The first stop on the trip was the place I’d requested: Wilmington, North Carolina. As a huge fan of One Tree Hill, I have wanted to go there since I was eight or nine. Finally, after ten (almost eleven) years of pleading, I was finally going.

We left home at 8:20 AM, made a stop at Huddle House in Georgia for some lunch. A few hours later, we were finally there, much to my relief and joy. We decided to walk around the town and go for a meal.

My biggest disappointment is that we were only there for a night, because we were scheduled to be back on the road by morning.

But just to be there for a night was amazing. Walking around the downtown riverfront was like walking in to a world where I fit in perfectly. I can honestly say that I haven’t felt that comfortable in a very long time. The town was filled with people in my age bracket, as well as a music/art/film scene to die for. A lot of people tell me to go to L.A. or New York for film and music, but honestly, I feel like I would be ten times more at home in Wilmington, because I felt more at home there in a few hours than I have anywhere else in some time.



I went to dinner at this little blue building–otherwise known as the Riverboat Landing. Loved it! Great jambalaya, and a perfect atmosphere. Plus, it’s adorable, especially with the balconies for parties of two to sit on outside.


Otherwise known as my dream home.

Otherwise known as my dream home.

I ended up going into the Black Cat Shoppe, which I’d seen online before, and found myself immediately drawn to as it was. Inside, it was amazing, with everything from One Tree Hill/Revolution/Dawson’s Creek/etc. memorabilia to scented candles and such. I bought a Clothes Over Bros shirt (and will be ordering a Keith Scott’s Body Shop sweater soon, as they didn’t have it in my size when I went). This treasure of a store is nestled along the street and a definite must-see if you ever go to Wilmington. I imagine it’s a store I’d frequent if I lived there…and probably will frequent when I do move there.



Just a little alley-way find of mine, which pleased me greatly.


This dog was so cool. Not only did he just lay with sunglasses on, but he didn’t get aggressive with anyone taking his picture or going near him. Well-trained pet, people. Well-trained.

When it came time to leave Wilmington, I didn’t want to. If someone had told me I was stranded there for the next three weeks, I think I’d have hugged them to death with happiness.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But fortunately, I was going further on the road trip, heading up to Virginia and Maryland.

The next morning, we were up out and early, making our way to Richmond/Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. We drove through and stopped for lunch at the 2nd Street Bistro before continuing our drive to L’argo, Maryland.

In Wilmington!

Greetings from Wilmington!

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