“I Read Your Letter (The One You Left When You Broke Into My House)”

“The Mixtape”: Jack’s Mannequin


I’ll be the first to admit, I love getting letters in the mail. Actually, I just love getting mail in general. Something about opening an envelope, or even just seeing your name on the front, it’s fun and automatically makes me smile. Unless it’s test scores, in which case, I don’t live at this address!

I was more than happy to check the mail today and see I had not one, but three letters addressed to me. One, to my delight, was a postcard. “Welcome. Are you nasty?” it read. There was no return address and no message. Just my name, address, and, oddly enough, phone number.


You can imagine my confusion.

Of course, a few minutes later, after desperately thinking of who I knew that was in Vegas right now, and even wondering if someone had decided to see if they found my address for sure, I realized that the letters P!ATD were in the background of the “Welcome.” It all clicked in my head that this was actually a form of advertising for Panic! At The Disco’s new single, “Mrs. Jackson,” and a very clever one at that!

I also received a letter from Discover, with the option of getting a card (no thanks.). At the front, it says, “Get a glimpse of your future…” On the back is the return address for Wilmington, DE. As you may know, I went on a roadtrip and made a stop in Wilmington, North Carolina, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I fell madly in love with town and have decided that is my destination within the next five years.

To see that, I laughed. If I believed in signs, I’d say Discover just read my tarot cards.

This got me thinking as to how many people base things in their life off of signs that they truly believe in. How do they know if they’re not interpreting it incorrectly, or just seeing what they want to see? This is why I included the anecdote about the postcard. I was just seeing the card, not the letters in the background. I was seeing what I wanted to see–something plain, just a random piece of mail.

But this also works in reverse.

Where is the line between overlooking something and overanalyzing it?

Where do we draw the line at seeing something for what it is and what it could be?

If we differentiated these two processes, how much time, heartache, money, et cetera, would we save?

I know that seems to be a lot to get from pieces of mail, but I tend to think like that.

I guess that the postcard, more than anything, taught me something today (okay, two things): 1) Panic! At The Disco’s new single is out, and the album is available for preorder; 2) Don’t be afraid to look a little deeper, but don’t waste time overanalyzing everything.

So that’s my tidbit of wisdom for the day, I suppose.

Also, side notemaximal strength day today at NPTI and jeez, you don’t realize what your body is capable of until you try it! 

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