Aches & Pains, and Philosophical Ranting To Later Follow

I know. I’m getting really bad at this, but the amount of work there is to do is killing me. Quality over quantity, my friends.

I have been flicking ideas about left and right, but I do have a development for you all! I have started filming a documentary! It’s about a subject that hits very close to home with me–immigration. At some point, I will sit and document the entire story so you can all see it. This will also come with links to my neighbor’s blog, where she has written down EVERYTHING. But I think it’s time I finally come clean about a lot of what’s been going on for the last eight years of my life.

The days are passing by quickly, and I feel like soon it will be 2014, and for all I know, I may be in another country by that point!

I know that my lack of posting is frustrating, but please stay with me, readers, because the next few entries are going to be doozies.

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