We Go Together Or We Don’t Go Down At All

All Time Low, “A Love Like War (ft. Vic Fuentes)”


So yeah. I lied. I’ve been gone for the last…nine days or so, but that’s because it’s been manic for me as of late, though I suppose in my line of work, I shouldn’t worry when it gets busy, but when it stops.

Reviews, interviews, etc. all popping up left and right, added with school, training, and more. It’s a fun life I lead.

One thing I have learned in the last week or so is how easily people become comfortable with one another, especially if you’re crammed together five days a week for four months. At school, I am one of a class of twelve, and we train together each of those days.

When you train with someone, especially with heavy weights, and they’re spotting you (essentially standing between you and the bar crushing you), it’s almost natural to become comfortable with them. You joke together, you talk; in that one training session, you experience the highs (lifting that weight you never thought you could, or just finishing the workout) and the lows (having to stop because the weight is too much or the intensity is too high).

In more ways than one, you become a team.

Sometimes it’s nice to see that you’re not as isolated as you feel.

This got me thinking about my friends; past and present. I’ve not had the best track-record with friends. For some bizarre reason, I tend to become friends with the people who do more harm than good. I like to think I’ve grown out of that, but sometimes I don’t know. As pessimistic as I am, I like to see the good in people, even if they may not deserve it.

I’m not saying I’m completely innocent; I’ll own up to my mistakes in a friendship too, but I was thinking about how friends are like your teammates. You can’t win the game with teammates who you a) don’t work well with and b) who don’t want to put in the work.

Respect your friends, respect your team. When one falls, you have to try and help each other, or you’ll all fall down.

If we all stopped trying to compete against each other, and collectively worked together, maybe the world would operate in a much different way.

Maybe there would be no Left Wing, Right Wing, Chicken Wing, and any other kind of wing out there.

Who knows…

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