Maybe It’s Not My Weekend, But It’s Gonna Be My Year…

“Maybe it’s not my weekend,

But it’s gonna be my year.

And I’m so sick of watching as the minutes pass and I go nowhere.

And this is my reaction to everything I fear.

I’ve been going crazy,

I don’t wanna waste another minute here.” -“Weightless” by All Time Low

The end of 2013 is approaching fast, and while I haven’t been keeping up with the blog as well as I should, I am working my hardest on staying positive and finding my gumption in light of all that has happened this year.

2013 was a roller coaster of ups and downs, and I want to take a minute to acknowledge all the good things that have happened this year that the bad things can often make me forget.

1) Covering To Write Love On Her Arms’ Heavy and Light as press. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, and I was very lucky that I got to cover it and see some amazing performances.


2) My 18th birthday with my friends. It was a great night filled with all sorts of fun.

3) My prom. It was stressful, and there was a lot of negative surrounding it, but the night itself was so ridiculously fun.


4) My graduation: A milestone that cannot be ignored. My family from the UK came out for it, my Grandfather capped me at the awards ceremony, and I received honors in AP Literature. I was really happy to graduate in the Top 10% of my class, with a scholars sash, NHS cords, and my cap on my head…even if I fell as I was getting off of the stage. Oops!


5) My graduation party: I had a great time on the Saturday after my graduation. It was an amazing party and I had a blast with family and friends, including my favorite four year old, who I got to spend a bunch of time with this year. Watching her grow up is truly incredible and she leaves me in awe every day.


6) Seeing Fall Out Boy live: I have been a fan of Fall Out Boy for years, and was too young to go to their concerts. When they went on hiatus, I was so disappointed; no new music, no concerts. I was pretty convinced I’d never see them live. When they came back on the scene, I was so excited, especially as they were performing at venues like the House of Blues. I immediately ordered my tickets (woke up at the crack of dawn to insure that I would get them), and in June, I finally got to see them.


7) The Road Trip: I finally got to cross this off of my bucket list, which was awesome, and I also got to see the place I’ve been dreaming about since I was nine years old: Wilmington, North Carolina. Every stop on the trip was amazing, and I got some amazing photos. One last summer hurrah before I started studying at NPTI!


8) Riding the Slingshot: Another thing to cross off of my bucket list. Thanks to my friend Christine for our before and after shots and for riding with me!


9) Covering Warped Tour for the second time: Oh my gosh. Warped Tour is probably my favorite day of the year–like, I love it more than Christmas and any other holiday ever. It is my favorite day, and I have been lucky enough to cover the festival as press, and meet some amazing people. I’ve made a ton of friends from Warped and I’ve also interviewed people I have wanted to meet for years.


10) Seeing the Rays play at the Tropicana Field. I was so excited. Baseball is my favorite sport, and the Tampa Bay Rays are my favorite team. Seeing them play has been on my bucket list for years, and a good family friend of my family’s was so sweet and he bought us tickets for a Rays vs. Red Sox games. I was already really happy…and then I ended up sat next to We The Kings. What a great night, even if the Rays lost.

11) Graduating NPTI and getting my certification as a personal trainer!


12) Going into the Green Room at the House of Blues to interview Anberlin. Holy cow, what an awesome night!

13) The giggles with my friends, the moments with my family, and the beautiful feeling of progress.


While 2013 has had it’s moments of pure awfulness, it has also had many moments I wouldn’t trade. I have made some awesome memories, accomplished things I hadn’t thought were possible, and have fought battles that, while private, are ones I am so proud of.

Gumption is not easy to find, or incredibly easy to define, but I like to think I’m getting there.

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