REPOST: Only Make Believe

Planet Stereo

[E/N: This article was originally posted in November of 2013. It has recently been brought to our attention that the link for the interview was broken. Planet Stereo sends its sincere apologies to both the Only Make Believe foundation and any readers that were hoping to read this article. Also, huge thank you to Marie, who brought this issue to attention!]


The arts have played a huge role in many people’s lives. It’s the reason there are so many bands to report on, or why there are so many albums that stream through our stereos, and why so many people sing the praises of plays or Broadway shows. In some way, whether it was taking an art class, playing clarinet, or performing in the school play, the arts have touched many of our lives. Now, take that impact, and put it on a grander scale: imagine the arts helping you…

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