Why The Obesity Epidemic Is a Thing

  Earlier today, I was thinking about something that plagues my mind frequently: obesity. Now, I want to start this post off by saying that I am in no way attempting to body shame, throwing hate in the direction of anyone, etc. I am merely expressing my opinion. As a personal trainer, my biggest concern […]

Street Dogs Announce European Headliner w/ Bishops Green

Street Dogs just announced a European headliner in August with Bishops Green as support.   http://www.facebook.com/streetdogs http://bishopsgreen.ca/   8/6 – London, England – Underworld 8/7 – Blackpool, England – Rebellion Festival 8/8 – Winchester, England – Boomtown Fair 8/9 – Torgau, Germany – Endless Summer 8/10 – Frankfurt, Germany – 11er Club 8/11 – Lindau, […]

If This Is Really It, This Is Starting Over…

“Hit me last night like a ton of bricks,if this is really it, this is starting overThere’s no should’ve, could’ve, would’ve said this, done that, no turning back, no more I wondersNo harm done, no hard feelings,maybe some other time but gives me some peace of mindIf that was the end of the ride, I’m getting […]

Whoa, Where Did The Party Go?

“And all the boys are smoking mentholsGirls are getting back rubsI will drift to you if you make yourself shake fast enoughMy old aches become new againMy old friends become exes againWhoa, where did the party go?We’re ending it on the phoneI’m not gonna go home aloneWhoa, where did the party go?” -Fall Out Boy, […]

But After A While, You Realize, Time Flies…

“But after a whileyou realize time flies.And the best thing that you can dois take whatever comes to you.‘Cuz time flies.” -“Time Flies” by Porcupine Tree   So I’m awful at this. I’ve been gone for a while, working on Planet Stereo, and on me. If you want the whole truth, I’ve been doing Insanity for a […]

So Speak Low If You Speak Love

“Oh baby, baby, drink the poison, We can disappear Away, away from here…” -“Speak Low If You Speak Love” by My American Heart.   Biting your tongue is difficult. You have to try so hard not to say something that’s eating away at you; festering in your mind like a disease. Sometimes, if you’re not […]

How To Be A Heartbreaker

“Rule Number One: is that you gotta have fun. But baby when you’re done, You gotta be the first to run…” -“How To Be a Heartbreaker” by Marina & The Diamonds One thing I get asked a lot as I get older, especially around the holiday season, is if I have a boyfriend. The answer: […]